LR Wechsel Ordner
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LR Wechsel Ordner


LR Wechsel Ordner
Beschreibung: Von Matt Klokowski:

You know when you’re in the Develop module and you’re processing your photos. What always happens?
You want to go to another folder and work on another folder right? Well, there’s really no easy way to do this. Basically, you’d go back to the Library, then click on the Folder, then find the photo, then go back into the Develop module.
Well check this out. Right below the toolbar but above the Filmstrip (at the bottom) is a small filter area. In this area is a path that shows you what folder and photos you’re looking at. Next to it, on the right, is a small down-facing arrow. If you click on it you’ll see a list of recent folders and collections that you’ve viewed.

Then just choose the folder or collection you want to jump to and Lightroom will take you there without leaving the Develop module. Come on… you’ve got to admit that’s cool. It can seriously cut down on the time you spend bouncing back between modules.
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